ZetaDisplay: training customers online was the solution for growing demand

ZetaDisplay AB is a full-service supplier of digital communication solutions influencing consumer behaviour. The company’s solutions are widely used in retail and corporate communications, as well as in public spaces. 42 people work at ZetaDisplay’s office in Finland and 150 people worldwide.



Limited resources led to thinking how customer trainings were executed

A real need for a new operations model regarding customer training arose at ZetaDisplay as their current staff resources were simply not enough to serve the growing amount of customer trainings if nothing changed. This was especially visible in Finland because of long distances; live training sessions took a lot of resources. The quality of trainings was also alternating. They looked for solutions to these challenges from e-learning.

The whole project started in the hands of Pekka Pasanen as he made a bachelor’s thesis regarding the subject for LAB University of Applied Sciences in spring 2020. The thesis addressed e-learning as a part of customer training and the aim was to design a well-executed, scalable and user-driven e-learning platform for ZetaDisplay Finland. Currently, Pasanen works as a Head of Content at ZetaDisplay.
“I started to design a comprehensive training concept for customers that would solve current problems as well as make a high customer satisfaction level possible and would be profitable businesswise,” Pasanen tells.

Priima LMS was chosen amongst others after testing

Pasanen started the work by benchmarking learning management systems that were available on the market, learning about their features, content creating tools and design. Some of the features that were used for making comparisons were the simplicity and versatility of content creation, the visual aspect of user interface, costs, the reliability of the service provider and the analytics of learning performance. “These different aspects were best in balance in Discendum’s Priima LMS according to my testing,” Pasanen explains.

Especially Priima’s content creation tools and clear user interface earned praises in the review. Also, the technical support provided by Discendum was thought to be helpful and questions were answered quickly. “As a company who has been influencing this field for a long time, Discendum has considerably lot know-how regarding learning management systems and how they work,” Pasanen adds.

Priima LMS was chosen amongst other learning management systems after testing. An online course meant for training customers using ZetaDisplay’s StudioPortal system was carried out in Priima. The content of the course is divided in different sections that very practically help the customer on how to use the new system. In addition, there are instruction videos, animations and tips on how to handle faulty incidents. It takes around 30 minutes to finish the online course and users can access it anywhere, anytime.

Positive feedback from users

More than 400 users have taken the course and the feedback has been fairly encouraging. Customers think the course is clear, informative and easily approachable. Pasanen says that he is very pleased with the outcome and thinks that ZetaDisplay is a forerunner at utilizing online courses in wide-spread customer training. “During the covid-19 pandemic, training online has become especially important. In spring 2020 we couldn’t even consider face-to-face training,” Pasanen concludes. ZetaDisplay plans on holding all of their future customer trainings as online courses.

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