About us

Discendum Ltd. offers efficient online services for managing learning and competencies as well as produces consulting services for organisations of all sizes. Our customers consist of educational institutions, companies from different sectors, public administration organisations and different types of associations and NGO’s.

Our long experience from this line of business and the ability to develop our operations constantly are the reasons behind our awarded solutions. Online learning platforms, an ePortfolio service as well as platforms related to Open Badges belong to our services.

Long-lasting customer relationships, high level of customer satisfaction and continuing product development in cooperation with our customers are especially important to us. We are a well-known and respected service provider and producer of online learning platforms. We also aim to understand our customer’s business and needs and to support the customer in utilising the service in the best possible way.

Discendum Ltd. is a Finnish company established in autumn 2001. There are about 20 people working in our company in Oulu, Tampere, Rauma and Helsinki. Some of our experts have been dealing with online learning already from the mid ’90s. In recent years, our staff has expanded with younger employees that bring new perspectives to our operations.

We take things related to information security very seriously and we organise information security tests for our services, follow publications about security and update our services to correspond with new regulations. Our procedures are based on our company’s internal quality handbook, that has risk management, processes and plans defined.

Discendum Menestyjä-sertifikaatti DML award

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team Petri Pirnes
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