Promoting Finnish work

15. 12. 2020

The Association for Finnish Work has issued Priima learning management system the Key Flag symbol! The Key Flag symbol identifies Finnish work. The biggest criteria for issuing the symbol is that the service is produced or the product is made in Finland. In addition, the domestic content of a service or product must be at least 50 percent of its break-even cost. A company applying for the Key Flag symbol for services must also have significant domestic ownership, as well as having its management and head office located in Finland.

“We had previously pondered on applying for the Key Flag symbol for Priima. This past year reminded us about this because it’s very important to bring forward and make Finnish work better known now more than ever. It’s important to buy services and products from Finnish companies. This is how we can keep Finnish businesses up and running through challenging times,” Tuomas Kuusivaara, Discendum’s CEO says referring to the current year that has been affected by the corona virus.

The Key Flag symbol is very well known in Finland. According to a study conducted by the Association for Finnish Work, practically all Finnish consumers and business executives know the Key Flag symbol. The majority of Finns (75 %) also state that the Key Flag symbol has a positive impact on purchasing decisions. People regard buying a domestic service as a way of influencing society and a value choice that contributes to Finnish competitiveness and prosperity.

Priima is proudly Finnish!

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